Entry #3

A GTA story, A MADNESS tribute!

2008-08-11 00:40:01 by Frekko

Well guys, i was gone for a while, not like it matters but ah, i got an idea from playing SAMP (GTA: SA Multilayer) Role play and i was looking around newgrounds, haven't seen an animation like the one I'm thinking of, i know its bad to take madness characters and turn then in to a Gaint series in stand of 3min killing spree (which is always fun to watch) ya, I was wondering if you animators want to join the GTA story, your own character and everything, not enough voice actors, so I'm going with the bubble text.

P.S. Its a gang war story so there is still mindless killing sprees :D! so if you have ideas, say them.

A GTA story, A MADNESS tribute!


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