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I'm black, I'm into anime and games, but I'm normally i am just chill with friends and also i wanna try animating. I know about newground since 2003 but I never toke the time to make an account, back then i didn't even know about flash....anyways ya..

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Posted by Frekko - August 11th, 2008

Well guys, i was gone for a while, not like it matters but ah, i got an idea from playing SAMP (GTA: SA Multilayer) Role play and i was looking around newgrounds, haven't seen an animation like the one I'm thinking of, i know its bad to take madness characters and turn then in to a Gaint series in stand of 3min killing spree (which is always fun to watch) ya, I was wondering if you animators want to join the GTA story, your own character and everything, not enough voice actors, so I'm going with the bubble text.

P.S. Its a gang war story so there is still mindless killing sprees :D! so if you have ideas, say them.

A GTA story, A MADNESS tribute!

Posted by Frekko - June 8th, 2008

I have been working on a Super Smash bro story....but more and more people submit mario bro stuff and it looks like people are getting over this sprite mario shit.......i had alot of good idea from kingdom hearts and alot of the good ssb characters, it was going to be a good, but i guess i have to drop it on account of soooo maannnyyy mario bro and mario ft someone animations....so i have to find something new to work on and its not sprite related but anime kind of animation, BUT i have also seen alot of those to.....so i'm kinda of stuck here ! so if anyone has suggestions, pm i guess...


Posted by Frekko - May 17th, 2008

Pre-hood ep1 coming soon around may 30, blade of vengeance coming soon. any suggestions or guides you think i need to look at or help me out on would be helpful, just pm me! javascript:MakeSmileySelection(15);

Sup guys here are some projrcts i am working on